What is Ajapa Yoga

Ajapa Yoga is the original and most ancient form of yoga, as old as the creation itself. Though ancient, it is most relevant today in the contemporary world. Looking at the chaos, instability and violence around us, the science of Ajapa Yoga can become the deliverer of the boon for mankind.


The science of Ajapa was taught thousands of years ago by the Rishis - enlightened sages of ancient India - who learnt it through insight into the nature of Reality in a state of deep meditation. Ajapa Yoga has been referred to by various names, in practically all scriptures (shastras) of ancient India. It is mentioned in the Vedas and Upanishads and also some later tantrik texts. It has been referred to by different names such asPranava Sadhana (The Path of Pranava), BrahmaVidya (Knowledge of the Absolute), Anahata Yoga (Yoga of the Eternal Self-emanating Sound), Shiva-Shakti Yoga, Ajapa Gayatri (The Song of Ajapa), etc.It is also called Dhwani Yoga (Yoga of Sound) as it is based on the science of sound vibrations.Evidence of practice of Ajapa Yoga is also found in thetexts of the saints and religious men and women of later times.


In the word ‘ajapa’the initial letter ‘a’ means ‘without’ and ‘japa’ is chanting or recitation of mantra (sound). So Ajapa means that which is without chanting or recitation. It is contemplation on a sound syllable within your mind. It is not uttered or repeated by mouth. The mind gets absorbed in that sound and becomes peaceful. Initially one has to practice by creating that sound mentally but later on along with getting more experience it happens automatically and there is continuous remembrance or awareness of that sound. It is resonating within us continuously but is so subtle that it is not audible. Practice of Ajapa changes the vibratory level and takes us to higher states of consciousness. As we go higher the vibration becomes more subtle and finally one can reach the vibrationless state calledsamadhi becoming one with the Ultimate Consciousness. This union is called yoga.


Summarily, Ajapa Yoga is a continuous remembrance of a particular sound (ajapa) leading to union (yoga) with the UltimateConsciousness. By contemplation on the soundone can realize the true self which is beyond body, mind and senses. The ‘I’ with which we identify ourselves presently is nothing but a train of thoughts. In reality, the thinker and the thought are the same. If one is able to know one's true self by the utter elimination of vibrations, then one can unravel the mystery of the entire universe, because his true self is the same UltimateConsciousness which is pervading the entire universe. Through Ajapa Yoga, one can know the original sound which created this universe. It is the greatest science on the Earth which cangive answers to the questions about the purpose of life and existence of the universe that bother human beings since ever.