The concept

Through inner insight the ancient Rishis understood that the vibration which caused the creation and evolution of the universe manifests itself as sounds and exists in totality in human beings also.An ancient Hindu saying says, “Yathapindetathabrahmande”, meaning “As is human, so is the cosmos“. According to that, man is a miniature of the universe and all types of vibrations corresponding to that of the universe lie dormant within him.The reality pointed out by the Rishis is a subtle, formless, sub-atomic and consciously flowing reality, which manifests itself in the form of rhythmic vibrations. That is the cause of all that exists in this universe.Ultimate Reality is eternal, non-dual, immaterial, indivisible, quality-less, conscious and blissful. It is perfect in the sense that it is neither created nor can it be destroyed and it never changes.


The Rishis discovered that creation is a vibration manifesting itself through the activity of two forces: attraction and repulsion. The attraction and repulsion are present everywhere - at the atomic level, individual level and at the cosmic level. They sustainexistence of the whole universe. When repulsion, or downward force in our body, increases, destruction happens; and with increase in the force of attraction, or upward force, one can reach the source of all creation. Though it is happening continuously everywhere, it can be easily seen in the process of breathing in all living beings – inhalation (the movement of attraction) and exhalation (the movement of repulsion).All humans and animals breathe alike. Also plants and inanimate objects like minerals do so but this is at such a subtle level that cannot be seen through the naked eye. The forces of attraction and repulsion are present in all creation and are the basis of life.


Most of the problems that man faces today are due to the excessive repulsion activity or the downward force of pranaenergy in his body.Repulsion is also responsible for the negative emotions and train of thoughts arising out of our mind. The restless and anxious state of mind is due to increased level of vibration or repulsion in our system. When we inhale, it is the activity of attraction, and when we exhale, it is the activity of repulsion. When we exhale, vibrations move down from the region of the throat (vishuddha chakra) and act upon the heart centre (anahata chakra) creating various emotions, further down at the centre of food (manipura chakra), sex (swadhisthana chakra) and finally excretion (mooladhara chakra). This downward force is the strongest at the centres of food and sex, so we can deduce that food and sex are the most important and gross activities which come under the acts of repulsion.All the worldly activities in today’s world, one way or the other are related to food and sex. If we remove these two from life, a majority of the people will have no purpose to live on.Excessive activities of food and sex can invite diseases, pain, and suffering at the physical and mental level. If these are treated as a natural necessity and enjoyed in a controlled manner, they can make life beautiful but an obsession and misuse can bring untold miseries.


Now coming back to the process of breathing; when we inhale, the activity goes upward above the region of the throat. This is called the activity of attraction. During the act of attraction, the vibrations are subtle and mild. Above the throat is the region of knowledge, bliss, and self-realization. The centre of our being is at theagya chakra -centre of the forehead, between the eyebrows,called also ‘the third eye’. Exactly at this level, in the middle of our brain the pineal gland is located. The ancient Egyptians referred to it as the eye of Horus. This can be also described as the intuitive eye,a gateway to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness throughwhich one can perceive the subtle Ultimate Reality. This is the place from where breathing takes place in the form of attraction and repulsion. As we move further up along with the movement of attraction towards the crown of the head (sahasrara chakra),vibrational activity ceases to exist and one can reach the vibrationless state, the state of samadhi or self-realization. In this state, there is a suspension of breathing, there are no vibrations, and the mind dissolves here.Then one becomes free from illusion and becomes one with the Ultimate Consciousness. This is the highest state one can reach within himself. He is liberated from the cycle of birth and death and knows the Ultimate Reality. In ancient scriptures this state is referred to as Brahmagyan orknowing one's true Self, knowing the Absolute.


Due to ignorance, we identifyourselveswith the body, senses andbreath, which is the activity of attraction and repulsion, or the mind and intellect. We must understand that these are merely the outer manifestations of the core or our true Self. In reality, we neither are the body nor the senses nor are we the mind or the intellect. We are pure Consciousness which is the original cause of the forces of attraction and repulsion in the universe. Union with this Consciousness is the purpose of Ajapa Yoga.