The method

In deep meditation the great Rishis observed that there are sounds inherent in the process of breathing - attraction and repulsion. They found that along with exhalation or activity of repulsion the sound “HA” is produced which we can refer to as the downward movement of prana in our body. This activity of HA going downwards is the root cause of our problems, be it physical, mental or spiritual.If we could stop this downward force and move in the opposite direction, towards the states of attraction, then we would be able to address all the problems at their subtlest level and resolve them at their root. The Rishis discovered that this downward activity of the HA sound can be stopped or at least reduced by a continuous practice of a special sound thereby taking oneself to higher states of consciousness.This secret technique to change the sound of breath which can stop this activity of repulsion is the technique of Ajapa Yoga. It consists of two parts -mantra (sound) and a breathing technique that stops the downward activity of HA. Both are practiced simultaneously. The technique can be learned only from a realized Master in the science of Ajapa Yoga. It is not revealed anywhere and has been a closely guarded secret since the ancient times. It is now available for people, considering the deteriorating situation of the contemporary world, where negative forces of repulsion are pushing us towards chaos and final annihilation.