Ajapa Yoga in our day to day life

Now how can the practice of Ajapa help us in our day to day life?Fulfilling our regular daily duties in the material world, we can practice the breathing technique to stop the downward force of repulsion.This way we will always be in a state of attraction and be able to perform our duties easily and more efficiently. Even at our workplace, if only we have a possibility, during a break we can inwardly practice the mantra sound and thus remain in a state of internal peace, away from stress and strain.We can also take out some time from our daily schedule for meditation to raise ourselves from the state of darkness and ignorance and become a realized person with wisdom and a peaceful demeanour. At the vibratory level, regular practice will bring balance and harmony in life.With a balanced mind, we cansuccessfully face the challenges of the modern world making them simple and stress-free. Mind focused on the sound of the mantra relaxes and becomes peaceful,free from the train of thoughts which are merely words and images. Owing to the fast pace of life today, mind has become so restless and stressful that it is active even in sleep, bringing out the never-ending train of thoughts and images, and sometimes even nightmares. Through a regular practice of Ajapa the desires of the senses lose their strength, and inflow of negative thoughts and emotions from the subconscious and the unconscious levels weakens and dissolves eventually. The upward activity of attraction brings balance and positive energy at all levels - physical mental and spiritual.