Ajapa and the world today

Today the world we live in is chaotic and our lifestyle has brought us to a state of constant stress and anxiety. Today man has no time for himself. Continuous interactions with the material world bring about frequent conflicts, pain and suffering, inviting in result various illnesses of the body and the mind.There is lack of inner peace and no moments of true joy. This stressful life will bring premature end of ourselves one day. Life was given to us but we waste it entirely on useless pursuits. What we mostly find around us in the contemporary world is inequality, jealousy,hatred, mindless competition for material gains, violence, killings, terrorism, wars, man-causednatural disasters, etc.Man has created this civilization and now he is on the edge of destroying it. Man is behind all the great discoveries and splendid inventions, yet he is complete ignorant of his true self, true identity. This has created a gulf between him and his achievements. It can be narrowed down only when he focuses his attention on himself and searches for the answers within himself. This is the most appropriate time to discoverandexplore our inner power and realize it through practice of meditation. It is because of the ignorance of our inner capacities that peace, happiness, joy and fulfilment in life eludes us. It is the need of the hour to view the reality from within through definite scientificmethod, and know the most subtle form of Consciousness, Self or Ultimate Reality.


The ancient Rishis were well versed in the science of inner Self (AtmaVidya). They conveyed us an elaborate methodology for knowing the Self and its power. If we observe our own body as a laboratory, we can verify the truth of the science of Ajapa Yoga without taking recourse to any other material apparatus. In this age of science and technology, the scientific approach of Ajapa Yoga or Yoga of Sound offers a method for actual experimenting and finally experiencing the Ultimate Reality which is within each end every one of us. The Truth is open to all who undertake to go through the process, regardless of age, creed or nationality. It is a universal science without any discrimination,accessible for all human beings on this planet. It can bring well-being and happiness to the whole humanity.The whole world is vibrating at different frequencies, we cannot do anything about that, but we can change our own vibratory state, and that can be achieved through the practice of Ajapa Yoga. Acts of kindness, love, creativity, devotion- all are the result of higher states of attraction resulting from our subtle vibratory state.People with higher state of attraction can make this worldmore beautiful and a better place to live in. In the contemporary world noble, humble and honest people suffer the most due to the imbalance and instability of the outer environment. Negativity around people eventually affects everybody’s vibratory state because we take the illusory world to be real and fall in the trap of cause and effect thereby bringing onto ourselves a never-ending chain of pain and suffering. If we could make ourselves strong and stable from within, with a calm mind,then we would be able to face any challenge that the outer world throws at us. So it becomes a need for all good people to practice this simple technique of meditation, which will transform them and make them even better and stronger persons.


Thanks to the efforts of Guru Janardan, the ancient method of Ajapa Yoga has been for the first time in history introduced to the West in 1970. Though the socioeconomic situation and cultural heritage of people in the Western countries significantly differ from those in India, nevertheless the need for spiritual progress of every human being remains the same; and the universal question, “Who am I and what is the purpose of my life?” bothers everyone since ever, regardless of the birthplace. The fundamental spiritual need remains unchanged - to find out the purpose of life and accomplish permanent inner peace and harmony. Due to regular practice of Ajapa Yoga, living in harmony with the surrounding world, on can achieve inner peace and happiness. Ajapa is based on breath and everybody breathes alike. Breath has no nationality nor colour of skin nor gender nor religion. It is